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This is the only review of Fallout 3 that you ever need to read.


This is the only review of Fallout 3 that you ever need to read.


After writing my post on Lucy I had a number of people message me, saying I had made them want to go see it. Every time, they said they were initially turned off by the inaccurate “we only use 10% of our brain” idea the film was built around.

This surprised me, since - no offense to the people…

There is a big difference between something that doesn’t exist, and something that can’t exist. The former is exciting, while the second is… well, pathetic, for lack of a better word. It’s also a bit insulting sometimes. I enjoy seeing creativity in not just plot, but in the setting itself. I like seeing new things. Fantasy is appealing for many reasons. The other kind of fantasy that you mention isn’t new ideas or creative scenarios. Those are products of it don’t get me wrong. It is specifically about ignoring the rules of its own setting. When something isn’t realistic, it’s not a problem because it isn’t realistic; it is a problem because it is a realistic setting that tries to be realistic, but ignores realism where it is convenient to do so. It’s perfectly fine for someone to cast a spell in a setting where magic is stated to exist, but it is problematic if someone were to do something magical in a setting where magic is not supposed to exist. The way that I see it; it is a lack of creativity that is the problem. It’s like being told that we don’t know any better, or that they just don’t care enough to make it coherent.

I can accept that people only use 10% of their brains in that setting, but the way that it is presented as fact rather than fiction, as if this movie could place in our world, causes a cringe response in me. It reduces my immersion. It makes me care less. I have not seen the movie Lucy yet, but all of this applies to a lot of other movies as well.

In summary, it’s not a problem with something being unrealistic. It is about a lack of structure in the story.


Luigi Ridin’ Dirty - Death Stare in Mario Kart 8

Flummox made another Avonii! This one’s alive. Pretty accurate too.

Flummox made a dead Avonii’s skull. I love it.


Disney hire this man

If you’re going to watch this, watch it to the very end. I burst out laughing.



This is important

this is indeed, very important :)